Rated R Records is an independent music label that prides itself on providing a platform for artists to fully express their artistic vision and talents. With a commitment to unrestricted music, Rated R Records breaks free from the conventional norms of the industry and encourages creativity and diversity. Our philosophy is simple: artists have complete control over their art, allowing them to explore their true potential and create music that resonates with their audience on a deeper level.

Our standout artists TWYNN, embodies the spirit of Rated R Records. With a unique blend of genres and a fearless approach to songwriting, TWYNN captivates listeners with a raw and unfiltered sound. As our first featured artists, TWYNN sets the stage for the incredible talent that Rated R Records represents. Through music, TWYNN showcases the power of unrestricted creativity and serves as an inspiration to other artists who seek to break free from the constraints of the mainstream music industry.

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